Summer 2018

After some time into the summer this has turned out to be a wonderful year for music. There have been some fantastic summer camps this year and the students continue to learn and grow. It is very exciting to see the new musicians train and practice, I believe they will do a great job bringing new music to our ears!

A whirlwind of new.

There have been so many great things happening from exciting new CDs being released soon to student recitals coming up. The first 2016 student recital will be this Saturday at 6pm in Hillsboro. I’m looking forward to a great show with many performances from solo to full band. Click on the contact page if you would like to come.



Summer is here and the music is all around! I am happy to be busy these next few weeks with so much wonderful music. The summer camps always bring happiness and the great shows with great friends lead to wonderful times.