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“I had the privilege to study music with Joe Aloia for a period of 6-7 months this year before he moved from Eugene. He greatly increased my musical knowledge in many ways. I wanted to learn theory and Joe is a theory guru. We also worked on technique, playing scales and improving seemingly simple things, like how to hold the instrument or how to place my fingers on the fret board. They were things that made a big difference in how my music sounded. We worked on learning to play by ear, improvising, and playing with others. My listening skills improved, which informed both my appreciation of and my ability to perform music. We also just played with music. Lessons were fun, inspiring and always the highlight of my week. Joe is a thoughtful musician/teacher who helped me move forward on my musical journey. I had the opportunity to see him perform recently. I was moved by the beauty and elegance of his playing. Consider studying with him. It is time well spent.”

-Jill (Eugene, OR)

“I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and performing with Joe over the years at various ‘ukulele camps and workshops. Not only is Joe an amazing musician but an even better friend who makes the people around him feel at ease and just outright happier! Genuinely always a pleasure!”

-Neal (Seattle, WA)

“Joe has been our girls instructor for over 7 years. He has inspired them to work hard and have fun with the love of music. I would recommend Joe as an instructor if you or your child wants to learn the guitar or bass guitar. Joe has been a great teacher to the girls in why Joe y. Thank you”

-John (Hillsboro, OR)

“Joe taught my son Devon for something like 4 years(we were off and on for a bit). Joe has been an amazing influence in my son’s life, both on and off the guitar. Joe is a patient, kind teacher that tailors his song selection and pace for the student, while still pushing them to do more, listen to more types of music. This allows them to make the guitar, and music, their own. He gets that music is a journey of self discovery and teaches through the music. Joe is great with all ages, and always waits until the smaller kids are picked up by an adult. I recommend Joe without reservation if you want to learn guitar. Any age, any skill, Joe has the knowledge, skills and personality to get you to the level of guitar you want to play. Joe is just a great person; humble, funny, kind, patience of a saint. My son stopped getting lessons (moving on to college, focusing on his violin) so we aren’t getting lessons from Joe anymore, and both my son and I were really sad about that. Joe always made our days better, and I hope I get to run into him every now and again. I’m a big fan of Joe, and if you or your child wants to learn guitar, Joe is in my opinion the best person to teach the guitar. I honestly can’t recommend him enough. Thanks for all the years of lessons and support Joe, keep being awesome.”

-Doug (Hillsboro, OR)

“Joe’s been teaching guitar to our daughter for the last 5 years. His love of music and playing are very infectious. He’s been an awesome teacher and friend. Keep up the great work!”

-Steve (Hillsboro, OR)

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