About Me

Born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I always had a love for music. There is a great diversity of music in Florida and as a child appreciating all of the character intricacies was important to me. There were an incredible number of trips to the local music store and to concerts each week, to finding each new favorite song. I began performing from age 10, with involvement in school and local bands and choirs. As a teen, my first professional performance came in high school where I was backing a local vocalists on guitar in restaurants and clubs. Starting by accompanying various singers and ensembles on guitar and bass throughout high school and college, my first shows were mainly playing Eric Clapton songs on the guitar. Later, I was honored to perform with John Lamb and “Buster” Cooper, former members of the Count Basie Orchestra, which ignited a great personal desire for learning and performing music. I became a music instructor from having my younger sisters’ friends come over to teach them the guitar parts to songs on the radio. I studied music at Florida State University, University of South Florida, and University of Oregon earning a Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree. In my twenties, I have been working primarily as a Bassist and Teacher. Though, I also perform as a Guitarist, Music Director, Conductor, Live Sound Engineer, and as a Guitar and Drum tech for John Kay and Steppenwolf. I have had the honor to perform with many wonderful musicians including the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra, Ron Hurst of Steppenwolf, John Gross (formerly of the Shelly Manne, Johnny Mathis, and Lionel Hampton groups), George Mitchell (Diana Ross band), and Dan Wilensky (formerly of Ray Charles band) as a bassist/guitarist. As a teacher I am happy to offer courses with Pacific University, The City of Hillsboro (OR), Century High School, Matatena Montesori School, MIR Music, and through private lessons. Today, I can be found playing, teaching, and studying in the Portland, OR area.